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Lapita pot reconstructions

Lapita pottery is made by hand moulding local clays using methods still practiced in Fiji's pottery villages today. It includes a diverse group of cooking pots, storage jars, cups, serving dishes, bowls and pottery stands. Not all pots are decorated but the decorated ones are highly distinctive and are easily identified as Lapita.

The photographs are of Late Lapita phase pottery from the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, approximately 2500 years old. Excavated in 1998 from within the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park by Dr David Burley from Simon Fraser University, these broken pots were taken to Simon Fraser University in Canada for reconstruction before being returned to the Fiji Museum for exhibition.

The drawing is a reconstruction of a Lapita pot from Vorovoro Island in Macuata giving an indication of how the decorations would have looked on an entire pot. Text and images courtesy of Simon Fraser University.

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