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Ratu Finau Tui Nayau

The last waqa drua, also know as drua or waqa tabu, built by the craftsmen who knew the gigantic ocean going canoes of the 1700s. The Ratu Finau Tui Nayau was made in Vulaga (Fulaga) in 1913. Acquired by the Fiji Museum in 1981, the canoe has been restored by the Museum’s conservation section, assisted by Kepueli Cirimaitoga of Vulaga. Kepueli is the grandson of the Ratu Finau’s original builder, Amenio Moimatagi.

The canoe was given as a birthday present to the Hon. J.B. Turner in the early 1920s.

The Ratu Finau is relatively small for an ocean going Fijian canoe. Her dimensions are: Kata (main hull): 13.43 metres; Cama (outrigger hull): 12.18 metres; Domodomo (mast): 7.92 metres; Deck platform: 5.50 x 3.31 metres.

The lengths of the kata hulls of some of the drua of the 1800s were: Rusaivanua: 36 metres; Dronivere: 32 metres; Lobakitoga: 30 metres; Ramarama: 30 metres; Batiniika: 26 metres; Jone: 26 metres.

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