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Explore Fiji's Maritime Gallery

As islanders, the people of Fiji have developed strong connections with the ocean that surrounds them. Fishing, transport, trade and warfare all being influenced in varying ways. Even the people of the interior of the larger islands were dependent upon trade with the coastal communities for salt, tabua and other essentials. Welcome to the Maritime Gallery.

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Explore Fiji's History Gallery

The human history of Fiji spans over 3,000 years. This Gallery explores the evidence of human habitation through the artefacts people left behind.From the first arrival of pottery using people and the persisting evidence of their settlements, across the development of complex Pacific societies over thousands of years, through to the recent past of the mid-1900s.

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Explore Fiji's Masi Gallery

Masi was once a commonplace product and yet it also had an aura about it, similar to that of yaqona and tabua. Welcome to the intriguing world of Masi.

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Explore Fiji's Girmit Gallery

The first ship from India, the Leonidas, arrived with 463 labourers on board on 15th May 1879. Between 1879 and 1916 more than 60,000 Indians landed in Fiji bound for girmit – an agreement of five years indentured labour. At the end of five years many chose to remain in Fiji and make it their home. This Gallery tells some of their story.

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Natural History

Explore Fiji's Natural History Gallery

Both on the land and in the sea we find an amazing variety of plants and animals, many of which have cultural significance and are the totems for different clans across Fiji. Some of these species are found nowhere else in the world, welcome to the Natural History Gallery.

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